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Carpet Removal

What is Carpet Removal?

There are several different processes used to lay carpet and many carpet variations, this will often depend on the subfloor and the age of the building.

Carpets in a commercial environment are usually directly stuck to the concrete slab sometimes with an underlay also stuck down, but often without an underlay using sheet carpet or carpet tiles.

Carpet in the domestic environment is normally laid over an underlay and is held down by nail strips or smooth edge. There are many types of underlay also, most underlay is foam or rubber matting which is generally loose laid to flooring, however this may be stapled to timber sub floor or glued to concrete slab sub floor. In older homes it is common to find hessian underlay which varies in thickness and is very dirty, dusty and hard to remove.

Direct Stick Carpet

The removal process for direct stick carpet requires a specially designed blade and jackhammer to separate it from the sub floor. This is needed because the adhesive used to fasten the carpet can be very well bonded to both to the floor covering and the sub floor. Depending on the type of sub floor, the second stage of removal requires concrete grinding or timber sanding to remove the adhesive. The requirement to grind or sand the subfloor depends on what is going to be re-laid.

Carpet with Underlay

The removal of carpet with underlay is in most cases much simpler than direct stick carpet. This however depends on how the underlay has been laid: whether loose, nailed or glued. This process is achieved by lifting both the carpet and underlay from the sub floor, then removing the smooth edge including all the nails. Once complete the floor is cleaned, vacuumed and left ready to re-lay

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