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Water Damaged Flooring Removal

The Water Damaged Flooring Removal Specialists

water damaged flooring

Has your residential or commercial property been affected by water damage from a broken or faulty dishwasher or washing machine, burst or leaking pipe, overflowing toilet or from an event such as a flood or cyclone?

Symptoms of water damage can include having flooring that is warping, buckling, has discolouration, is rotting or has a strange odour (this could indicate mould or mildew).

Water damaged flooring is an issue that must be immediately addressed. Not only is it an eye-sore, but if mould or bacteria is present, they can cause a variety of health impacts, particularly if you or a family member has existing respiratory problems. The mould and bacteria could also start to spread to other areas of your property if it is not quickly acted upon.

Don’t wait for the condition of your flooring to worsen as time goes on, call All Stripped – the water damaged flooring removal specialists – today! Our team are capable of safely and efficiently removing many different types of flooring including ceramics, slate, marble, terracotta, timber flooring, vinyl, cork flooring, carpets and others.

We have successfully removed more than 320,000 square metres of tiles, and another 472,000 square metres combined of timber, cork, vinyl, carpet and other surfaces since our establishment and no job has ever proven too difficult for us to handle.

Removing flooring has traditionally been a very dusty process, and while some dust is generated during our flooring removal processes, we utilise vacuum systems and various attachments to all our state-of-the-art machinery to mitigate the spread of dust during all of our jobs.

We also clean up after ourselves (including all rubble and waste material) to ensure that our clients don’t have to when we leave!

We service Brisbane, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Sydney and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss your project and for a free and professional quotation.

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