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Wall Removal

Specialising in complete wall removal & demolition

All Stripped is fully licensed and qualified under the Victorian building authority to provide you with structural demolitions (BD-L 68143). This means we can undertake structural demolition of walls without engaging a builder, however, we still use a structural engineer to assess and certify the demolition.

Whatever is required to remove your wall, we have the expertise and are equipped with everything to carry out the demolition smoothly and safely.

We remove all types of:

  • Brick Walls
  • Block Walls
  • Shop front or Office Glazing
  • Steel Stud or Timber Framed Walls
  • Plaster and Partition Walls
You can feel safe and rest assured knowing that you are dealing with professionals. The All Stripped crew are easy to work with, friendly and helpful. We are fully insured against all possibilities, complete the job efficiently and effectively, and take away all waste materials and complete a full clean up before we leave.

Call us now on 1300 760 589 to speak to your local All Stripped representative.

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